Short Film Panorama

The Short Film Panorama, an initiative of the Greek Directors Guild, took place from 31 March to 4 April 2022 at the historic building “Nikos Koundouros”, home of the Guild. 

The Panorama focused on promoting the work of the creators of the future. 

At the Greek Directors Guild, we realise that the existing festivals cannot cover the needs of the large number of short films produced nowadays in Greece. As a result, as the primary association for directors to express themselves, we decided that we needed to organise this Panorama.

The Panorama hosted the screening of a hundred recently produced films. The screenings took place in the renovated and entirely digitally equipped projection room of the Greek Directors Guild with free admission. The creators were present and available to talk with the audience.

For the competitive part of the Panorama, the jury decided on four directors that received four equal awards, which included cash prizes. We named one of the awards the “Giorgis Samiotis” to honour the producer of “Representation”. The jury made two honourable mentions: the “Dinos Katsouridis” and the “Theodoros Angelopoulos”, named after the famous directors that passed away ten years ago. 


The jury was composed by:

Director Myrna Tsapa 

Director and architect of many movie theatres, Theodoros Kalopirakis

Director Angelos Rallis 

Director Anna Antonopoulou 

Director Loukas Palaiokrasas


The winners received a sculptural composition by Aspasia Papadopetraki. All the participants in the Panorama received an art piece of Papadopetraki honorarily. 


On Monday, 4 March, the Panorama hosted a meeting titled “Short Films; Present and Future of Production and Distribution”. 

Moments of truth, Emerging Documentary Filmmakers Festival

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