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The creation of the Greek Directors Database is an initiative of the Greek Directors Guild. It aims to provide a platform where Greek Directors can share their work and ideas with their peers and their audience nationally and internationally. Our goal is to expand Greek directors’ visibility and provide various networking opportunities.

Who are the directors?

Directors are those visionary individuals that combine imagination and technical skills to deliver high-quality artworks of cinematography, theatre, and television. They are the storytellers that offer us new narratives, ideas, and images. In a film, a play, or a television show, the outcomes of their hard work are nothing short of new adventures for us to discover!

Managing professionals, artists or technicians, and problem-solving are skills that every director must develop, as they are responsible for producing a concrete and aesthetically consistent artistic outcome.

Even though they are forced to work under very challenging conditions, Greek directors have managed to create quality artwork often mentioned and recognised with awards by international institutions and festivals. The Greek Directors Database offers a platform where they can introduce their work and ideas to a broader audience. 

Explore the world of Greek Directors!

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The implementation of the Greek Directors Database is under the auspices and financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
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