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Maria Frangi, PhD – Theatre Director / S.T.S Department of Theatre Studies BA in French & Greek Language and Literature (University of Athens), Drama &Performing Art School (Diploma), MA in Theatre Studies (University of Paris III) and Modern Greek Studies (INALCO- Nouvelle Sorbonne), PhD in Humanities & Theatre Studies (University of Paris X-Nanterre)

Dr Maria Frangi is a theatre director and Special Teaching Staff at the Department of Theatre Studies/University of Patras, where she teaches Theatre in Education, Didactics, Theatrical Institutions and Production, Theatre for children and adolescents and a Theatrical Speech and Acting workshop. She has also taught at the graduate programme of the University of Crete, Department of Philology -Theatre (1997-2000), at the graduate programme of the University of Athens , Department of Early Childhood Education (Theatre -Drama theory and Acting) (1998-2003) and at many special postgraduate courses of the University of Athens, since 1997 She has also taught at the postgraduate programme (Master 2) of the University of Paris IV- Sorbonne, Department of Neohellenic Studies (2007-2009), at the postgraduate programme of the University of Ein Shams in Cairo(2010-2011) . Directed as Executive Manager and Scientific Coordinator the Greek Cultural Center in Cairo (2007-2010). 

Directed professional and amateur theatrical groups focusing on the study and research of performances for younger audiences. Founded the “Laboratory of Theatrical Research and Art of the University of Crete and the Drama Club "ΤI ΘΑ ΠΕΙ" of the University of Athens.

Recent theatrical works:  Αντίο Συρία, (2017), Ημερολόγιο επιστροφής (2017), Η Μπάμπα Γιάγκα, το σκοτεινό τρυγόνι & ο Γλάρος (2017), L’ avare (the miser) (2018), Dialogues and revolution then and now (Selection of the International Festival for Experimental Theatre in Cairo, 2022). 

She has presented papers and published articles on Ancient and Modern Greek Theatre/Drama in international conferences. She has also published books and the National Curriculum on Theatre & Performing Arts in Education(1998, 2010).

She is member of the “Artistic Advisory Council” of the Ministry of Education for the Artistic Education (Secondary school arts education in visual arts, drama, dance and cinema) since 2015.       


Contact address: Department of Theatre Studies, University of Patras, Rio, 265 04 Greece

Tel. no.  (office UPatras) ++2610 997784

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